Randal Nardone is proof that it is possible to go against the norm and succeed

We live in a world where one is expected to live their life dancing to a particular set rhythm. That is, graduate high school, graduate college, or university, seek a job within the boundaries of what you pursued, make money, marry, build a home and bear kids who are also expected to dance to the same rhythm. It’s the unspoken rule of the 21st century, and when one dares defy it, they seem outcast. However, one man by the name of Randal Nardone went against the odds by defying the rule of working within the boundaries of what you studied. Randal graduated with a JD in law from the school of law of Boston University. He began his career in this field at Thacher, Proffitt & Wood, where his future seemed quite promising as he was a partner. However, this is not where his passion lay, and when he discovered it is possible to merge law and finance, he immediately started learning how he could do so. Within a short while, he had built his bridge connecting these two fields, and when he got a position at Blackrock, Randal Nardone immediately took a leap and began working here. Owing to his unique way of doing things, it wasn’t long before the industry noticed his expertise, and soon, he got a position with UBS. Despite UBS being such a lucrative finance facility, Randal Nardone had a better plan for his future, and after a year here, he embraced entrepreneurship by coming together with fellow entrepreneurs to establish Fortress in 1998.

The company started with only $400 million, but soon it was already soaring as all its three principals led by Randal Nardone had a fruitful career backdrop in the world of finance. Today, he has built an empire for himself and is one of the world billionaires ranking #557 on Forbes.

Besides his JD, Randal Nardone also holds a BA in English and another one in Biology from Connecticut University. He serves Fortress as CEO, a seat he occupied in 2013. His impressive leadership makes him stand out not only in the corporate world but to Fortress’s employees as well, as they hold him in high regard.

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ZeroAvia´s Goal: To Develop the World’s First Zero-Emissions Aviation Powertrain

For the first time in more than a century, man-powered aircraft are being overtaken in speed and distance by electricity-powered machines at ZeroAvia aviation company. The Electric Aircraft Corporation (EAC), which owns the first land-based electric aircraft, has announced that its E2- Supersonic car is currently the fastest electric aircraft globally. ZeroAvia staff members explain that the fastest speed of E2- Supersonic is 536.55 mph, exceeding the standing record of 536.47 mph for its predecessor, the E1 aircraft. EAC’s plans include creating a next-generation version of the electric aircraft with a higher top speed of 700 mph. 


The five-passenger ZeroAvia Aircraft can take off from the pavement and land vertically or optionally on runways. Flight time for the powered aircraft is expected to be 80-90 minutes. The company envisions a pilot whose only tasks will be refueling and maintenance. ZeroAvia aviation company is currently planning to produce its aircraft at a facility that performs maintenance on the automotive and aerospace industries. The company has also partnered with multiple air refueling companies. The ZeroAvia company’s aircraft design uses a modular aircraft design that allows for the replacement of components. ZeroAvia’s aircraft engine is based on proprietary technology that allows zero emissions, high fuel efficiency, noise-level reduction, and significantly improved aerodynamics. 




ZeroAvia aviation company successfully uses a groundbreaking design to overcome many of the challenges of electric propulsion systems. The organization will issue other details in the near future. ZeroAvia has demonstrated a flight test to prove it can operate a single electric motor at an airport to generate 5kw of electrical power, with plans to increase that to 50kw in the next several months. The technology can also be recharged at an airport, eliminating the need to build charging infrastructure. Around the globe, the industry is struggling with the challenges of emissions from aircraft. 


The main limiting factor in adopting zero-emission electric aircraft technology is the lack of suitable power-train technology. The current generation of electric motors is unable to provide the needed range. Over the past ten years, numerous companies have experimented with various concepts. Due to the high cost of batteries, these early concepts have never reached commercialization. ZeroAvia’s approach is entirely different. The company manufactures a series of high-speed, zero-emission electric propulsion units that use hydrogen-electric power to fly long distances at a fraction of the cost of other zero-emission systems.

Where Did Jason Hughes CEO Of Hughes Marino Get His Start?

Jason Hughes is proud to be the current CEO and owner of Hughes Marino. The company has been doing well and thriving since getting its start back in the start of 2011. This means that they have been in business under his leadership for more than ten years. Before founding the company, Jason Hughes was the proud President at Irving Hughes (Crunchbase). 


Successful entrepreneur and current CEO at Hughes Marino Jason Hughes was with the company from January 1995 to February 2011. That is over sixteen years with this company. As you can see leadership is no new industry for him, he has a proven track record of being successful in these positions. While under his leadership Hughes Marino has become the largest exclusive tenant and buyer representation company in the area. Under the leadership of Jason Hughes, they started their company with just being located in San Diego California now thanks to their hard work and dedication they have been able to successfully go to multiple locations all across the west coast. 

Jason Hughes has also been keying in legislation making sure in the buying and selling process in his industry there was little to no conflict of interest. He is someone who truly has his client’s best interest at heart and wants to make sure that he makes the best choices for all involved. In 1987,Jason Hughes attended Pepperdine University where he was able to graduate in 1989 thanks to his hard work and dedication, he graduated with a B.S in Business Administration. Then went on to earn an M.B.A at the University of San Diego.

Tim Murawski and his Latest Innovation

Successful businessman and healthcare expert Tim Murawski has a passion for improving healthcare through innovation. The application of see-through surgery contributes to improving life. There are several steps he has taken to ensure he improves his quality of life. As a way of making medical procedures more reliable, he introduced the application of the latest technology. Together with Tim Murawski, they have worked towards improving lives. When people undergo surgery, there are several steps followed. The efforts can be made more effective by applying see-through surgery advanced by the company run by Tim Murawski.


See-through surgery

Augmedics is a company behind the development of see-through surgery. The surgical procedure aims at improving lives. It is an excellent step towards improving lives. The use of the latest technology is an excellent step towards making life easy. Entrepreneurs like Tim Murawski know that many people are interested in making life easy. The application of technology is an excellent step towards improving life.


Improving healthcare

The healthcare industry has been facing several challenges. By applying the latest technology, the company has been at the forefront of developing the newest technology that has improved the way medical experts carry out medical procedures. According To Tim Murawski, the procedures can be improved through the application of the latest technology. 


Cutting edge technologies in healthcare

Augmedics applies the latest technology in improving life in several ways. Technology works in making life easy in several ways. Application of augmedics contributes towards making life easy. The technology applied in the surgical procedure works towards making life easy. The technology works towards making life easy for medical experts.

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Haroldo Jacobovicz: Fall down seven times, stand up eight

The above title includes what Haroldo Jacobovicz states is his favorite quote, mainly because he’s had to watch his family stand up after falling down, and then stand up again after falling down himself. Haroldo Jacobovicz is a civil engineer and an entrepreneur who discovered his real passion was in information technology. Within IT he imagined the direction the world and the world of business could be taken with imagination, a lot of reading, and a little luck. Today, Haroldo Jacobovicz is the founder of e-Governe Group, Horizons Telecom, and Horizons Datacenter. These companies were developed as a result of Jacobovicz’s life-long desire to combine the best talent, the best resources, and the highest technical expertise possible, to produce the best possible information technology solutions.

Although both of his parents were civil engineers, Haroldo Jacobovicz’s mother was only the seventh female engineer in the country at the time. This meant facing unfair challenges and being put at unfair disadvantages merely for being a woman. But according to Jacobovicz, she just kept going. Just kept working. This determination, combined with a young Haroldo Jacobovicz seeing with his own eyes his parents create a structure or something beneficial in a place where there was nothing before, drove Jacobovicz to just keep working as well. When his venture, Microsystem failed, he didn’t look at it as a defeat. His viewpoint was to learn as much as possible about why it failed so as not to repeat the mistakes and more

While earning his civil engineering degree at the Federal University of Paraná, Jacobovicz realized that his true passion was in IT. So he made it a point to read every piece of literature he could get his hands on relating to the science and the business of information technology. As a matter of fact, Jacobovicz attributes much of his success today to his insatiable desire to consume all of the knowledge available. He recommends this even today to anybody entering any entrepreneurial venture. His belief is that the more you know and the more you can learn, the better your chances are of minimizing and avoiding mistakes. And when those mistakes are inevitably made, having a strong knowledge foundation helps to ease through those mistakes and recover from them more quickly.

Heath Ritenour’s Leadership in The Insurance Industry

Heath Ritenour is a renowned businessman, the CEO, and Chairman of the Insurance Office of America (IOA), a company with more than thirty years of experience in the Insurance industry. Heath Ritenour took over as CEO in 2007 after working in the company since 1996. Since the start of his tenure, he has displayed innovative and intuitive leadership leading by example. Heath Ritenour has been working tirelessly to modernize the company and adapt to the changing environment to remain the 13th largest privately held insurance company in America. According to him, it is possible to generate endless opportunities for their producers while providing clients with quality insurance services and experiences.

The firm has capitalized on technological advancements, customer service, experience additions, and growth opportunities for the company’s success. He has been able to hold property and casualty general lines and health and life insurance licenses as an insurance broker. He was named “the CEO of the year” honoree in 2018 by the Orlando Business Journal. Besides, he was named to the 2020 “Hot 100 List” by the insurance business. Heath Ritenour participated in a decision that aimed to establish the impacts of his life on his role as a leader in the insurance industry.

According to Heath Ritenour, the IOA has remained outstanding due to the employee commitment to ensure customer satisfaction is achieved while creating a culture that is reflective among employees. He also believes that the company’s ability to remain independent contributes to its growth and development and maintains a long-term positive relationship among employees and customers. Also, he believes that incorporating technology into the insurance industry and establishing customer education can positively impact the industry. He attributes his success to effective time management and prioritization of tasks. His main setback is being diagnosed with cancer at 39, but he says that the treatment process taught him a lot.

Learn more about Heath: https://thebossmagazine.com/importance-of-homeowners-insurance/

Hard Work and Creativity Helped Haroldo Jacobovicz Climb the Ranks so Fast

The fact that someone studied a given course does not mean they love the field. However, in many cases, people always undertake courses in areas they have always admired and liked for some time. They end up performing well and enjoying working in related industries. But things are somehow different in the case of Haroldo Jacobovicz.

The renowned Brazilian entrepreneur studied at the Federal University of Parana, obtaining a degree in civil engineering. Before joining the University, Haroldo Jacobovicz enrolled in a Military College and studied for seven solid years. Mr. Jacobovicz’s career path is unique because he developed a great passion for Information Technology, something he didn’t study anywhere.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that Haroldo ditched Civil Engineering for Information Technology at the beginning of his professional journey. The primary driving force behind the love for Information Technology was his belief that the sector would make entrepreneurship more profitable, and he was right. According to Haroldo Jacobovicz, Information Technology and innovation were the future of doing business.

Jacobovicz is probably one of the most hardworking people the world has ever seen. He got the spirit from his parents, who were also civil engineering professionals. In addition, Haroldo Jacobovicz possessed outstanding creative skills, which he gained from his civil engineering lessons.

Some Notable Achievements

Since his youthful life, Mr. Jacobovicz has achieved a lot as an entrepreneur and a tech developer. He began turning his technological ideas into reality when he was still in college. For example, Jacobovicz partnered with three other students to develop a Microsystem. The system was a robust platform and would facilitate seamless management of stores such as groceries and pharmacies.

As for the Brazilian technologist, only the stars were above, meaning the Microsystem wasn’t enough. Haroldo Jacobovicz maintained his focus on climbing the ranks to the top. After some years into his career, the billionaire businessman founded some companies. These include Horizons Datacenter, e-Governe Group, and Horizons Telecom. Currently, Jacobovicz continues to work hard and inspire many upcoming entrepreneurs to accomplish their dreams.

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Bhanu Choudhrie Committed to Revamp the Aviation Industry in A Quality Way Through Alpha Aviation Group

What happens when your childhood dreams and hopes of becoming some of the very prominent and coveted careers diminishes and there is no hope of achieving them? Well, most of us will give an excuse and blame it on God and nature. Bhanu Choudhrie once had a dream of becoming some of the coveted careers in life, a pilot or an astronaut. However, as fate would have it, he never managed to become either of the two. In an interview with Exeter Daily, he expresses his passion and love for the love industry.

Though he found himself in the business world, Bhanu Choudhrie did not give up on his passion for aviation. He says that during his business career he got involved with Air Deccan. Air Deccan is considered to be the first airline with a budget in India. Through his massive experience and involvement with the company, he established his own company, Alpha Aviation Group. He takes pride in that his company has trained over 1,000 pilots across 40 countries. The Alpha aviation group has been in existence for over 14 years and has done a commendable and significant job in the aviation industry. He says that his core vision is to have a pilot trained in his school on every flight in the Asia Pacific region.

Bhanu Choudhrie asserts that his vision is to deliver quality in the air travel industry. When asked about the impact that covid-19 has had in the industry, he cautions of an exceptional situation. He says that in the current pandemic, the airlines will have to carefully reduce their flight charges and the number of times they can fly to various destinations. He cautions that if the airlines maintain the uninterrupted number of flights, they might experience significant losses which would have a long-term effect on the airline. Bhanu Choudhrie applauds the aviation industry at large for showing good leadership during the pandemic period. To know more click: here.