The Detrimental Effects of Cigarette on Oncotarget

The University of Rochester has been long researching on electronic cigarettes. A recent study shows that electronic cigarettes damage the teeth and gum just as classical cigarettes do. Irfan Rahman, an Environmental Medicine Professor in the institution’s School of Medicine And Dentistry, heads the research team. This is pioneers the study about e-cigarettes and its impact on oral health specifically on the cells and gum molecules.

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There has been a rising in numbers of entry level e-cigarettes smokers because of a prevailing assumption that it’s a health alternative for smokers. This could be have been misled by the previous studies that established smoke in cigarette causes lungs and oral problems, but this is not so absolutely. E-cigarettes are motor powered via a battery and have a heating device and cartridge for carrying the liquid.

Once the cigarette gets burned, the liquid heats up into a harmful aerosol that is inhaled. The vapors inhale triggers the cells to produce inflammatory proteins that irritate the cells. Consequently, the oral damage occurs. Similarly, the flavoring chemical equally causes cell damage, and also contains nicotine that results in gum diseases. The effects of e-cigarettes are adverse to the body.

Manufacturers should be honest and disclosure all material facts and chemical proponent in good faith. This will help consumers to beware of dangers of using the cigarettes. Nevertheless, there is the need for more study to understand the extreme of damage e-cigarette causes on the gums, teeth, and lungs. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at

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