Kate Hudson’s Fabletics and Dominating Amazon

There are not many businesses that can say that they are in any position to dominate Amazon, especially in the fashion e-commerce market. Amazon has been rolling along in this space for many years, and when they rake in 1 out of every five total sales made of the apparel sales in that market, the other thousand retailers are left to fight over whatever they can get their hands on. Now enter the picture comes Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, trying to break free from the pack of sellers at the bottom of this niche and give Amazon all they can handle.


The secret to why Hudson is selling so much of her athleisure brand is quite surprising to say the least. This is not a result of her celebrity status attached to the brand or high-quality merchandise, Hudson says it all comes down to membership benefits and the sales technique called reverse showrooming. While not new techniques by any stretch of the imagination, you really have to see how these play out at the Fabletics stores in local malls. This is where you will see women buying active-wear in abundance, trying on all the latest in workout apparel, and even taking time to fill out the Fabletics lifestyle quiz to unlock membership perks.


The secret to how these processes are giving Kate Hudson’s Fabletics the opportunity to rise up in this competitive fashion e-commerce market happens after these ladies leave the retail store. Since they were trying on all those pieces of active-wear in the mall store, each piece is uploaded automatically to the member’s Fabletics account online. What this does is make it very easy for the customer to continue shopping when they have the time. Now since they already know what the active-war looks like on their body, they are not going to be hesitant to impulse buy at the larger online inventory.


Now add into the mix other membership perks like free shipping for all online orders, discounted workout apparel pricing, and help from your own shopping assistant, and you begin to see why so many women are helping this company increase their bottom line. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is pampering their shoppers and quickly tuning them into long-term and loyal customers. Compared to how Amazon conducts business online, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics looks like they have discovered a path to getting to the top of this market very quickly.

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