Dr. David Samadi’s expertise in Robotic surgery

Robotic prostate surgery can be termed or otherwise be recognized as a minimally invasive surgery that is done for the purpose of prostate removal and cancer treatment. It is a very successful procedure that is only done by professionals due to its complex nature. This form of surgery is basically remote controlled as the doctor does not come into direct contact with the patient but rather uses a machine to translate his movements into a fiber sensitive notion. Recently there is a newly developed procedure by the famous Dr. David Samadi called SMART. Dr. David has been able to change and bring about advancement in the Robotic Technique. This is a method of performing prostate surgery by incorporating a combination of oncologic principles and prostatectomy skills to the already existing robotic surgery methodology. SMART has been adopted by a number of surgeons for its revolutionary nature.

Dr. David Samadi is the Chairman of Urology department and the Chief of Robotic Surgery at the Hospital called Lenox Hill. Samadi his degree in biochemistry at the University of Stony Brook and later got an M.D from the medical school at Stony Brook and additional training in urology and proctology from the Montefiore Medical Centre. His vast training and numerous experiences qualify him to be one of the best doctors in the United States hence his fame and recognition. In 2012, while he was working for Mount Sinai as the vice chair of the urology department and chief of minimally invasive surgery as well as robotics, he got recognition for being the doctors in the State of NY that host big numbers in their bank accounts every month.

Dr. Samadi joined the community at Lenox Hill hospital in 2013 where he currently works. In addition to his work at Lenox, David Samadi has also earned the title celebrity doctor by turning up to a number of television shows that are related to his career to give his view. Recently he has developed a Television network called Dr. David Samadi here he gives insight on medical issues specifically to do with prostate cancer and gives advice to those affected on the best treatments and where to find them including a list of the advantages and disadvantages to each treatment option. He is also one of Fox News’ contributors that are very active.

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