Jason Hope Focuses On Support Of Prominent Biotechnology Firm

The SENS Research Foundation is a non-profit organization based out of California. Since 2009, the SENS Research team has been single-minded in their pursuit of cures to age-related illnesses. Led by CEO Mike Kope and energized by the research of Dr. Aubrey De Grey, the SENS Foundation has managed to make massive leaps and bounds forward in the medical field. Jason Hope, a prominent entrepreneur, and renowned futurist, decided to get involved with the organization after running across their research online. Hope became so infatuated with the work that they are doing that he decided to donate half of a million dollars to their cause. Let’s see why Jason Hope believes in the SENS Foundation so much by taking a look at the work the organization is doing.

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Biotechnology is a complicated and fascinating field that has become more and more important in recent memory. Thanks to massive advances in our scientific capabilities, researchers are leaning on biotechnology in order to use it to cure some of the most important problems facing humanity today. The SENS Foundation is approaching that topic by way of their development program which is titled ‘AGE-breaker’. The AGE-breaker program is designed as a research focus pointed directly at drug developments that can help to combat the degenerative process that is aging. Jason Hope has long been a believer that biotechnology can address how we age and the very nature of our human experience so it makes total sense that he was immediately on board with the process.

While Jason Hope and the SENS Foundation aren’t trying to find a cure for aging, they ARE uniquely focused on addressing all of the degenerative elements that make our lives so difficult as we age. With a focus on age-related illnesses like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Diabetes, Hope and the SENS Foundation are trying to fundamentally change the world we live in by saving lives of countless people all over the planet. With Hope’s donation, the SENS Foundation was able to immediately jumpstart their research efforts into the role of arteriosclerosis in the aging population which will hopefully lead to important medical breakthroughs.

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