Steve Ritchie makes a move in the right direction to move forward in the future

The NFL has officially dropped Papa John’s as their official pizza. Papa John’s blamed the NFL’s national anthem protest for their declining sales. In an interesting development, the new CEO of Papa John’s just apologized to their customers. Steve Ritchie told everyone that this past week was Papa John’s hardest week in the last 22 years. Ritchie told everyone that he knew that John Schnatter’s comments hurt their customers and he has made a step in the right direction to attempt to reach out and tell everyone how sorry he was that their feelings may have been hurt.

Ritchie told everyone that insensitive language and racism would not be tolerated at Papa Johns. Papa John’s has over 120,000 franchise and corporate team members globally. These people are from every walk of life and they all work very hard to provide excellent pizzas and customer service. He told everyone that these people do so much in their communities and that they were local operators and owners in Papa Johns.

Steve Ritchie told all of their customers that they deserved actions and not just words and then offered a plan to prove what he said. He told everyone that they were in the process of bringing in some experts from the outside. These experts were going to help with the diversity and culture as well as the company’s inclusion procedures. He then proceeded to tell everyone that these experts would help the company in identifying their weaknesses and strengths. Ritchie then told everyone that they will set goals that would make the company better in all aspects. He then went on the say that Papa Johns senior management would be on the road to listen to their employees and their franchisees so that they can get put on the right path to move forward with the company.

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