Job opportunities advertised by Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group offers management to investments. The firm was founded in 1998. The Company is New York based. It is the first equity company to be founded. However, Softbank recently acquired the firm.

Fortress Investment Group offers employment chance to anyone without regard to national origin, sex, age, creed, race, religion, color, sexual orientation, marital status or any other status under protection of federal, local or state law.

There are employment opportunities available currently in Fortress Investment Group, they include but not limited to;

Credit Operations Associate

Apply today to be part of the world leading investment manager. The firm currently manage $42.1 billion worth of asset. With over 1,750 clients who have entrusted their investments with the company.

Administrative Assistant

Apply to be part of administration team in Fortress Investment Group, you will have a chance to exercise administration roles if you get opportunity with the firm.

Business Analyst in Commercial Real Estate

Fortress Investment company currently have a position for business analyst in real estate. Applicant must have the necessary business analysis skills in real estate.

Credit Operations Analyst in Dallas

If you wish to be credit operation analysis in Fortress investment then apply for the position now.

Credit Operations Associate

Do you have skills in credit operations? If yes then apply for the position. This is your chance to put your skills into practice.

Credit analyst in Real Estate

An analyst in real estate credit is required by Fortress Investment Company. He/she will be required to carry out all the necessary analysis regarding credit in real estate.

Data Engineer

Apply to be a data engineer with fortress investment. To apply, you must have all the needed credentials to proof you are a data engineer.

Financial Analyst

Finance analyst is required for Virgin trail USA. You must be competent in finance analysis.

NRZ Accountant

NRZ Accountant is among the jobs advertised by Fortress investment.

Project Engineer

Check out the requirements needed for project engineer and apply for the position. All the details are indicated in the company’s website.



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