A Closer Look at Stephen Bittel: The Man Who Changed the Face of Business


In a move that has been rumoured in the industry for months, Terranova is finally moving on. Whispers of sell-outs and who is buying up the company have been circulating for a long time now, with many saying it was only a matter of time. Well, that moment has finally come to fruition, as Terranova announced that they would be moving their headquarters into an expansive new complex in Boca Raton.

Stephen Bittel, who has been the president and CEO of Terranova for the past decade, sold the company to an investment group based in Boca Raton. The primary leader of this group is a man named Aubrey Chernick; he is an experienced real estate investor from Miami, Florida. Though Chernick is considered a new face in real estate, his firm has been investing in properties around South Florida .

Of course, Bittel did not stop pursuing his dream, even if it was held back for a moment. Instead, he pushed forward with a plan to see him eventually become an attorney and a successful commercial real estate magnate. As such, he attended The George Washington University Law School and graduated with honours. After graduation, he worked for The Benton Group (a company which specialized in trying to secure leased office space) until 1985, where he landed his first position at Terranova .

Stephen Bittel is a prominent figure in the commercial real estate industry and has been responsible for making the company have a large presence in South Florida. The firm is renowned for having clients that are satisfied with their work, and as such, they have become one of the top-notch commercial real estate firms in the area.