About Colcom Foundation

The Colcom Foundation is a nonprofit organization with a mission to preserve, protect and restore the natural environment through collaboration with community members, to organize events, and to give grants to support education. Over the past few years, they have seen astounding success in this mission. Their goal is to transform their sustainability efforts into long-term projects that will benefit the natural environment and provide sustainable access for all its citizens. Colcom’s journey has been founded on their personal experience with their open space. They have realized the importance of ensuring that every member of society can experience nature’s beauty.

Our Impact

Since its founding, the Colcom Foundation has been working to create a greener and more sustainable environment in the Vail Valley. They started with a project to preserve Rocky Mountain National Park from possible development. Currently, they have conserved over 65,000 acres with the help of hundreds of community members and partners. These efforts have also helped create numerous outdoor education programs for local students. Colcom has also provided funding and support for several other projects, such as developing a regional water system that serves over 9,000 people. They’ve brought national and local experts together to empower the community to become more sustainable.

Ending the Sixth Mass Extinction

The foundation’s founding was led by three individuals who have seen what a community can do when they have the power to come together and make a difference. The organization’s plans are set in motion for this time when people are destroying what we have been given, and it is up to us to make sure that we don’t let this happen any longer. Colcom Foundation works with extraordinary people from all over the world. They are networking with people who want to help create a sustainable future in the Vail Valley. Not only do they get support from local organizations but also from nonprofits, foundations, and more. The Colcom Foundation is where the community works toward the common good.

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More about Colcom on https://www.colcomfdn.org/democratic-values/