About Haroldo Jacobovicz

The world of computers and the internet is changing every second. People understand that the moment a computer is bought it is out of date. This can be said for businesses as well. The technology is moving very fast as well. Software had to be able to keep up with the demands of consumers each day. One of those businessmen that is trying his best to do just that is Haroldo Jacobovicz of Curitiba. He was able to get his foot in the door when it came to this technology. Now he has a career that he loves.

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Haroldo Jacobovicz grew up in Curitiba. He had parents who backed his desire to do the best that he can. Now he is helping businesses use the latest software in order to reach customers. One of the companies that he is helping is a new firm called Arlequim. A new company like this one can get off to a fast start if it has the sure footing to move forward. The company was able to try its new software in a soft launch. This way businesses and consumers can see if the new software can work for them. It is a smart way to go in this ever changing landscape.

Haroldo Jacobovicz likes the fact that a new company like Arlequim can flourish. He knows that it is a good company that wants to expand. He wants to help them do just that. A new firm like Arlequim has come up with a way to keep new software connected on all of the devices necessary for consumers or businesses. It may have started small, but Arlequim is showing the world what it can do. This is why people who invest in these companies are so important. This is true for Haroldo Jacobovicz.

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