Andrew Brooks Believes in the Importance of Customer Relationships

Andrew Brooks, CEO of Vianel and founder of Sinclair Global, ensures that he implements the importance of building up customer relationships through brand identity while managing challenges, accomplishments, and future goals. Andrew Brooks Sinclair has experience with marketing that fosters his company in successfully becoming visible in virtual markets while maintaining positive customer interactions.

At Sinclair Global, Andrew Brooks puts his core values at the front of his business ethics, meaning that he ensures to provide consistent service while learning about what customers truly want from his products. He utilizes social media to effectively talk to customers about what and why they purchase certain products. This care and concern for his customers demonstrate that Brooks is prepared for “real talk” instead of using marketing to persuade them to think or feel a certain way.

At Vianel, Brooks wants to offer unique fashion products that can not be found elsewhere that he also would purchase as a customer. This allows him to provide an authentic brand with products that customers desire for their uniqueness. Brooks understands that to be successful, one must take risks, and to do so, he dedicates tremendous time and effort to understanding what his target demographic wants beyond age or income.

By learning about how customers live and what they want, he can more deeply understand how his customers connect to the world and their personal communities. For Brooks, fashion shows one’s values and identities even more so than perfect stitching and the right color palette.

Andrew Brooks ensures that Sinclair Global and Vianel engage their customers on a level that their competitors do not offer. And because of this, he is successfully fostering customer relationships and is better prepared for the changes in trends to give his customers exactly what they want.