ZeroAvia Plans to Expand Internationally

ZeroAvia is a new, innovative and groundbreaking American company that has just recently launched their website. This company has already received $150 million in funding from investors to help them grow and expand internationally. ZeroAvia was founded by entrepreneur Thomas Borley who set out on his own goal of creating an airline that would change the way people fly into history. He hit a homerun with ZeroAvia as this airline will offer a first-class experience at an economy price.


Employees of ZeroAvia aviation company are very happy to be working for the company. Up to now, they all believe that their jobs were meant to be and they are living their passion which is what everyone should strive to find in their jobs. There are many perks that ZeroAvia offers its employees. They get to fly for free, receive health benefits, free gym memberships and more! Mr. Borley from ZeroAvia aviation company recently said that he wanted to create an airline that appealed to everyone who wants a better flying experience but at the same time doesn’t want to pay top dollar for it. 




He went on to say, “I have always dreamed of being in charge of my own airline company and I feel that ZeroAvia aviation company is exactly what people want.” ZeroAvia is based out of Los Angeles, California where all the action takes place. The majority of their flights are headed to Asia but they also fly to places such as London and Paris (Crunchbase).


Their first flight will be leaving Los Angeles on Thursday, September 1st at 7:30 am. The destination is Tokyo, Japan which is a 14 hour and 30 minute flight. This amazing airline has partnered with many different hotels and resorts across Asia so their customers can explore the sites when they arrive in their destination airport. ZeroAvia will leave LAX every Thursday and return the following day on Friday at 7:30 am. Their business class seat prices start at $750 and economy seat prices start at $650.