About ISHCMC American Academy

ISHCMC Academy is an independent, non-profit, non-sectarian institution of higher learning.ISHCMC Academy offers international degree programs over the Internet and on its campus at ISHCMC. The U.S., Vietnamese, and E.U. authorities recognize the school as a legitimate institution of higher learning and a candidate to be accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) in Boston, MA, USA.ISHCMC Academy is the first private, non-denominational school to offer international education by distance learning. Today, ISHCMC Academy offers approximately twenty (20) fully accredited degree programs.

The school’s programs are designed to meet the needs of students all over the world. The long, flexible and modular study program allows students to improve their level of education as much as they wish, by their schedule, whether during weekends or year-long breaks. ISHCMC Academy offers English language courses‎ for foreign professionals who want to improve their English proficiency. Native English-speaking instructors teach all courses in a relaxed, supportive, and good-natured environment. The Academy also provides cultural activities for its international students, such as weekend excursions for their social clubs, clubs, and sports teams.

ISHCMC Academy has signed a partnership agreement with the International Singaporean School (Singapore) to offer dual-enrollment programs. ISHCMC Academy is the only non-public school in Vietnam with a partnership agreement with an international school. The partnership agreement allows ISHCMC Academy to send some students for regular secondary education. In addition, the academy has a partnership agreement with the International American School of Hanoi (Vietnam) to offer dual-enrollment programs.

 The Art of Execution: Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University allows many different students to express themselves. It is a place where talented poeple can come up with new ideas for projects that come their way. One of the more interesting courses that the Academy of Art University possesses is a challenge to all of the art students. Each year for the past several years, students have come together to help a brand name company with their campaign. One of the more innovative things about the course for the students is that the work is all done online. That is the way courses are being taught these days.

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One of the challenges for the students when it came to this project that is corporate-sponsored is to make sure the team members are doing what is necessary to get the job done. The first part of the project is called ideation. Each student had to try their best to come up with a theme for this year’s project. This year the company was called Stellantis. The teams were formed by those that had the same idea. This is where originality had come into play. Each student could try to contribute what they have learned during the project. Stellantis provided feedback for the studets to use and the company wants them do their very best at the same time. This is what makes the course very unique.

The Academy of Art University wants to be sure that their students get the most out of their experiences. This is why this kind of course has become so popular these days. It uses the latest technology and fosters great ideas from terrific students. This is why the university is in such high demand right now. It pushes the students to do their very best. That is the higest compliment.