The Premier Entertainment Attorney, Damien Granderson

Damien Granderson is an entertainment lawyer based in Beverly Hills and New York. He is responsible for providing legal guidance on the various aspects of the entertainment industry. He handles transactional needs for his clients in music, film, corporate, branding and fashion.


To succeed in the music industry, Damien Granderson has provided tailored advice to each client, considering their circumstances, goals and objectives. This ensures long-term entrepreneurial success and the protection of his clients and their interests.


Collaboration and Partnership


Before starting his premier boutique entertainment firm, Damien Granderson worked at Koch Entertainment. His partner, Guy Blake, worked at Davis Shapiro Lewit and Hayes. They agreed 15 years ago to work together and have a collaborative approach to handling clients.


The Growth of the Firm


The firm hired lawyers from diverse industries with different experiences to improve service quality. They could take graduates who would work as junior associates. The junior associates would then be associates and finally partners (Profiles).


How they Find Clients


The firm is centered on reaching long-term goals. This enables potential clients to trust their services and seek legal advice. They make sure to target the clients with a record hit; this way, they can maximize the opportunity and plan for the future. Led by Damien Granderson, the firm revolves around providing representation to admired artists with preferred genres.