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Karl Heideck is a blogger and an attorney who loves to write legal articles on his blog. In his recent article, he wrote his concerns related to the implementation of the newest law in the city of Philadelphia. The city council agreed to pass the law and the law was named as “salary history law.” According to this new law “Salary history law” should prohibit bosses or employees asking their applicants about any information concerning their salaries in previous institutes and companies. The law was implemented to end the difference and gap between both the genders (male and female) who are working in Philadelphia. Implementation of law also believes that it will benefit the applicants and previous company and it won’t hinder their privacy. However, they are some people opposing this law as well and demands to stop it. The chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia wanted to stop this new law because he thought this law is unconstitutional, and all these controversial laws like Salary history law can create a lot of issues and can hinder companies and businesses to grow in the city. The chamber filed a case against the city, but the try wasn’t worth it as the court took the side of the city and allowed them to implement this new law. The court decided that this law is constitutional and should be implemented and said that this law cannot add any negative impact on the growth of the city business.

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The article written by Karl Heideck got a positive feedback and reviews from people who have seen it or read it. It was also widely shared on other websites and has been discussed by a lot of people. His passion for writing about law is not only for him but for a lot of the people who are unaware of the laws and help them to get foreknowledge about the law. He also offers his service to people who need legal assistance. He is not only a blogger but he also worked as advisor and lawyer for the different corporation, and because of his brilliance, he became one of the most competitive and well-reputed lawyer in the country. Karl deals with a lot of issues including corporate laws, commercial allegations, product liabilities and employee proceedings.

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