Hughes Marino, Global Corporate program management Advisory

Hughes Marino CEO , Philip Moore, and Board of Director, Eric Cohen sit down to meet with the new Managing Director of Corporate program management Services. This, at a Fortune 500 company. Hughes Marino recently was retained to build a ground-up COE strategy for the company.


In this interview, Hughes Marino CEO, Philip Moore, and Board of Director Eric Cohen discuss their work with Hughes Marino in building a new COE strategy for the Fortune 500 company. The Managing Director of Corporate program management Services at the Fortune 500 company is also present during this discussion. The client brought a need to understand how to allocate properties in order to meet his business objectives.


Also, as well as how to enter into new markets with better efficiencies by leveraging his software systems for greater efficiency. At Hughes Marino, they talk about some of the challenges that come with entering new markets and what they see as program management risks inherent in these environments.

Philip Moore: 


“We are talking about an integrated approach to program management with the new Corporate program management department. At the representation firm, we know that with the increased amount of competition today, given the nature of our clients in this kind of environment, it’s difficult to do it, especially for companies that have become used to one way program management management. 


They realize it’s a lot more expensive and there are higher risks when you don’t have the ability to utilize all the relationships out there which is a big piece of what we do. “Hughes Marino believes that the client has a mission statement that really needs us to understand that everything he does has a relationship to corporate program management. We look at his property strategies as well as his building strategies.