Bhanu Choudhrie Tries to Solve Aviation's Pilot Problems

In 2003, Bhanu Choudhrie led his entrepreneurial family into the aviation industry. Choudhrie had worked in the real estate and hospitality sectors before the aviation industry. The work of Choudhrie led to the Alpha Aviation Group, which focuses on developing new airline pilots. The entrepreneur has been pivotal in identifying the problems in the aviation industry and addressing training problems.

The purchase of Air Deccan, an Indian airline, marked the entrance of the Choudhrie family into the sector. Bhanu Choudhrie oversaw the development of the failing airline in just five years. The airline went from the point of bankruptcy to moving seven million people per year five years after Choudhrie’s purchase. 2008 saw Air Deccan was sold to Kingfisher as Bhanu won the U.K.’s Asian Business Leader of the Year Award.

The problems facing the aviation industry were highlighted by Bhanu Choudhrie when he established the Alpha Aviation Group. As the head of Air Deccan, Choudhrie identified a growing problem of limited numbers of new airline pilots entering the industry. The Alpha Aviation Group estimated 637,000 new airline pilots are needed to keep pace with industry growth. Alpha has a history of success based on lowering the cost of airline pilot training.

Bhanu Choudhrie believes newly qualified airline pilots face a financial mismatch between the cost of training and entry-level salaries. Alpha Aviation has become one of the most important companies in the aviation training sector. By lowering the cost of training, Bhanu Choudhrie is opening up the aviation sector to a new group of potential pilots. The company continues to serve the aviation industry without lowering the quality of training its graduates receive. Refer to this page for additional information.

Bhanu Choudhrie and the Success of C&C Alpha Group

Like his father, Bhanu Choudhrie is the entrepreneur who helps investors create wealth. His father started Magnum International Trading Company in India and Bhanu founded C&C Alpha Group in 2002. The investment management firm, according to Bhanu, will take advantage of emerging markets and new ideas in business and help the new generation of investors in the family.

C&C Alpha Group is the mother of so many subsidiaries. Bhanu notes that its success lies in the strong management team that he created when he found the business. He notes that he invests for a longer period compared to other venture capital firms and this allows the business to brood and grow investments to great levels. The team he works with, he notes, moves ideas into action to realize profits from all ventures. C&C Alpha Group has investments in London, U.S.A., India, the Philippines, and U.A.E. It also has investments in different industries, including aviation, hospitality, real estate, healthcare, and utilities among others.

Alpha Aviation Group is one of the most successful subsidiaries of the C&C Alpha Group. It is a pilot training firm that produces the best pilots for Southeast Asia airlines. The firm was started in 2006 after Bhanu Choudhrie successfully sold Air Deccan. He then set up training centers in the United Arabs Emirates and the Philippines. He notes that the world will need hundreds of thousands of more pilots in the next decade, but thanks to the high costs of training a pilot, not many people train as pilots.

In real estate, Bhanu Choudhrie invests through Megalith Capital Management in the U.S.A. and Megalith Realty in the U.K. In utilities, the firm has set up Alpha Utilities in the U.A.E. that deals with desalinization of water to make water accessible for all. Bhanu Choudhrie also runs several hotels and resorts in India.

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Addressing the Pilot Shortage in Southeast Asia

Since 2006, Bhanu Choudhrie has been training pilots through Alpha Aviation Group Ltd. However, this was not the first time he invested in aviation. Before starting the aviation centers in the UAE and Philippines, he was operating Deccan Air. He bought the airline in 2003 when they only operate a few flights every day. Three years down the line, the airline was operating more than 200 flights every day. In a year, they would fly up to seven million passengers. Bhanu Choudhrie started Alpha Aviation Group Ltd to meet the rising demand for pilots in the Southeast Asia. According to him, the world would need close to half a million more pilots by 2026. He notes that the demand for pilots was brought about by the increase in the number of people in the middle class. As more people seek affordable air travel, the airlines must increase their flights every day and with that the number of pilots.

For many years, Bhanu Choudhrie has been able to observe and take advantage of trends. In the aviation industry, he notes that economic growth in developing countries has been steady. According to him, it will require a significant investment to transport people and goods from one country to another. For Alpha Aviation Group Ltd, they hope to take advantage of the retirement of baby boomers in the US and other regions to supply pilots.

In their training centers, they offer training that ensures their pilots are experienced enough to handle the most challenging situations. To ensure that the schools meet this need and that the business brings success, he works with a strong management team. Today, the pilot training school works with airlines, such as Cebu Pacific, VietJet Air, Air Arabia, and Philippine Airlines. By 2020, they had produced more than 350 pilots and placed them with the airlines above.

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