Neurocore: Services and Its History

The brain is an integral part of the human body. The irrepressible structure plays a major role in everyday life, controlling most of the body’s activities. Contemplations, feelings, and regular functioning of the body are all well-ordered by the brain. The operation of the crucial and fantastic organ is however incomprehensible. Through intensive research, scientists have established that the brain comprises neurons; tiny interconnected nerves. These neurons work by transmitting nerve impulses from one part of the organ to another. Entities including Neurocore thus explore the transmission of nerve impulses in a bid to make humans faster and more efficient. See more information about Neurocore at

The company

Neurocore is a brain performance center. The institution aims at developing the natural capability of the brain hence making it resilient. The company employsmodernscientific trends in brain-mapping and neuroimaging in assessment and training of the brain for both children and adults. The centers use instantaneous brain monitoring hence have significant influence in regulating anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression, focus, sleep disorders, stress management, as well as migraines. The technique strengthens the patient’s mind while enhancing the human thought relation.


The history

Neurocore was established in 2004. The entity has since made significant advances in neuroscience and its several uses. It has established its services in Florida and Michigan, with approximately eight operational facilities. The facilities, as well as offices, are open to the public who can access Neurocore’s services at their convenience. The therapy has been seen to relieve up to 50% of patients from depression. The entity has ventured into neurofeedback as a mechanism of training athletes as well as franchises. The centers train the athletes in an effort to diversify the company’s client base, for instance, the partnership between Neuropore and Portland Trail Blazers.

The establishment of a brain room for use during training sessions steeped up services at the brain performance centers. The skills in the brain room enhance training, bring about relaxation, boost the general efficiency of the brain, and recovery. The state of the art equipment at Neurocore aid in monitoring cardiovascular and respiratory systems hence keep stress levels in check. Read more about Neurocore at