Randal Nardone is proof that it is possible to go against the norm and succeed

We live in a world where one is expected to live their life dancing to a particular set rhythm. That is, graduate high school, graduate college, or university, seek a job within the boundaries of what you pursued, make money, marry, build a home and bear kids who are also expected to dance to the same rhythm. It’s the unspoken rule of the 21st century, and when one dares defy it, they seem outcast. However, one man by the name of Randal Nardone went against the odds by defying the rule of working within the boundaries of what you studied. Randal graduated with a JD in law from the school of law of Boston University. He began his career in this field at Thacher, Proffitt & Wood, where his future seemed quite promising as he was a partner. However, this is not where his passion lay, and when he discovered it is possible to merge law and finance, he immediately started learning how he could do so. Within a short while, he had built his bridge connecting these two fields, and when he got a position at Blackrock, Randal Nardone immediately took a leap and began working here. Owing to his unique way of doing things, it wasn’t long before the industry noticed his expertise, and soon, he got a position with UBS. Despite UBS being such a lucrative finance facility, Randal Nardone had a better plan for his future, and after a year here, he embraced entrepreneurship by coming together with fellow entrepreneurs to establish Fortress in 1998.

The company started with only $400 million, but soon it was already soaring as all its three principals led by Randal Nardone had a fruitful career backdrop in the world of finance. Today, he has built an empire for himself and is one of the world billionaires ranking #557 on Forbes.

Besides his JD, Randal Nardone also holds a BA in English and another one in Biology from Connecticut University. He serves Fortress as CEO, a seat he occupied in 2013. His impressive leadership makes him stand out not only in the corporate world but to Fortress’s employees as well, as they hold him in high regard.

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