Greg Aziz at the Business Week Magazine

Greg Aziz is a man who has grown and been more successful than anyone could ever imagine. He has climbed the corporate ladder to reach his position as the CEO of Rogers Communications, and he is one of the top 100 most influential people in Canada. 


What sets him apart from other CEOs is that he has done this all while embracing change and innovation. Earlier in his career, he had an idea for what would become some of Rogers’ most popular services: Sportsnet and CityTV. Greg Aziz has done what many other business leaders have failed to do: he has implemented change in his workplace that has resulted in a greater level of success.


In the 1970s, Greg Aziz started out his career as an advertising salesman. He made his first million while working for a company called Ontario Professional Sales, where he was told to “find new advertisers”. At the time, this was not only a very bold statement, but it was a direct challenge to the traditional way of advertising. Throughout his career, Greg Aziz has always been open to new ideas and techniques. He has gained success by embracing change and innovation, even while in his position as CEO of Rogers Communications. 


Greg Aziz at the Business Week Magazine

Here are some examples of Greg’s leadership style: 


Greg Aziz is well known in the media industry for his relationship with David Pogue. He first met Pogue when he was still working at Ontario Professional Sales. Pogue, a journalist, was working on a story about a new way of advertising. 

Greg was the first person he met for this project and Pogue became intrigued with Greg’s ideas. Over the next twenty years, Pogue and Greg Aziz stayed in touch. In 1997, Pogue wrote an article about him for Business Week Magazine. The article not only praised his ability to revolutionize the sales team at Ontario Professional Sales, but also praised him for being ahead of his time with his advertising techniques.