Bronia Buchanan

Bronia Buchanan, a lawyer, and a certified public accountant had never imagined herself in a leadership position. A woman whose career was founded on meticulousness, adherence to rules and regulations, and meticulousness became the CEO of BBA Management.

About BBA Management:

  1. Experience

Bronia Buchanan’s experience started in law school. She worked as a paralegal to build her knowledge and expertise. Her next step was to become an accountant. A job that allowed her to kindle her passion for giving back to individuals and businesses. She has worked in accounting firms such as Deloitte and other smaller firms on a part-time basis. As the years passed, she realized the need for more support for small business owners with accounting needs. Many had only one person who knew their entire history, making compliance difficult since they needed someone else to turn to for help but their CFO or their lawyer.

  1. Results

Bronia Buchanan began her career as an accountant by selling accounting services to small businesses. She discovered something in her clients that she had not seen before. It was their need for assistance and the support that she could offer them to make sure their business ran smoothly. The business owners found that she was able to listen and pay close attention to the details that were important to them. These details included but were not limited to financial statements, payroll, tax needs, and general guidance from financial experts. Her services also helped them forecast their finances more effectively since they learned how they made money to plan better and save more money in the long run.

The biggest takeaway from Bronia Buchanan’s leadership journey is her capacity to be creative, take risks, and learn. She has been an example of staying true to your vision and never giving up on your goals. These traits were implemented when she began providing financial services to small business owners. This includes being there for them during bad times and good times, a loyalty that can only be created when you know how it feels to be in the same position.