Reasons Why Rocketship Education Is A Leader

Merging technology and education is a trend followed by top performing schools. This provides the opportunity for the student to benefit from the up-close and personal mode of traditional learning, while still utilizing the benefits of having the internet in class. This has led to the improvement in the quality of education.

Based in California, Rocketship Education is a non-profit educational organization that operates and owns a network of schools. Preston Smith and John Danner are accredited for having established the Rocketship Education, which they did in 2006.

Their first School performed well, and it emerged among the top institutions in the state assessment examinations. The school, being a non-profit organization, charged dismal fees in comparison to other schools; thus, it became the top choice for middle and low-income students in the state.

Rocketship Education’s popularity bore fruits, and the organization had to expand to accommodate the high influx of students. This led to the opening of more schools in San Jose.

Within five years, the group had expanded to a network of six schools. The school continued with its expansion program and opened more schools in other states across America.

Rocketship Education’s success is a result of the organization’s efforts to infuse technology into education. The school relies on computer-aided instruction and teacher-led internet connectivity to deliver learning material and test understanding among its students. This results in an exceptional performance by students under the Rocketship Education Network.

The school relies on a set of fundamental principles to soar to success. Participative decision-making is one of the principles. Schools under the Rocketship banner include parents in critical decisions such as selecting teachers.

This is unlike other schools where the decision-making process is centralized. At Rocketship, the parents get to sit on teacher interview panels to assess the suitability of each candidate.