Krishen Iyer Explains the Objective Driving MAIS Consulting Group

In 2020, entrepreneur Krishen Iyer founded MAIS Consulting after the successful sale of Managed Benefits Services (MBS). MAIS Consulting is located in La Jolla, California. The firm focuses on building client relationships, corporate growth, and development to grow. Krishen Iyer explains that it is especially invested in contracting and marketing consulting since the founder understands that most owners struggle.


When he established the consulting agency, Krishen Iyer aimed to form a world-class, all-inclusive group that would effectively identify opportunities and gaps for its clients. The MAIS workforce has also adopted this mindset and continues to help the company’s clients with marketing, contracting solutions, strategic growth, and company policies. 


Krishen Iyer has managed to help the start-up expand through his experience in the contracting, marketing, and insurance fields. Iyer works with clients from diverse backgrounds. From large public corporations to small businesses through MAIS. Up to now, the successful business leader and CEO Krishen Iyer carries on the reputation he had built while serving clients through Managed Benefits Services. 

Together with the team at MAIS Consulting, the entrepreneur empowers clients’ teams and equips them with all the tools needed to succeed in their field. Through proper guidance, client companies have realized improved margins and added consumers. Accordingly, MAIS has worked with many well-known brands, such as Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, CVS and Costco. Led by Krishen Iyer, MAIS Consulting has also made strides in the development of its own company. In 2020, the firm created an integrated platform that facilitates workflow for its clients. The platform provides clients with full access to a single source of information, a collaborative platform, and a streamlined way to receive support. On the whole, led by Krishen Iyer, MAIS Consulting has built a successful firm through its professionalism and customer-focused service.