Hughes Marino Services for Property Owners

In its existence, Hughes Marino has established a team-orientated milieu that encourages invention. Our squad believes in constructing enduring associations underpinned by faith as a family-owned and locally-operated business. We bolster those ties by providing outstanding attention to the people behind the organizations.


Also, non-profit entities, and cities that make our communities pleasant places to dwell, amuse oneself and perform business. Most significantly, the ten Core Values that influence everything we do make us distinguishable from other firms. Each individual from the Hughes Marino group practices and embraces these values all the time, as they aim to provide distinction 


They also guarantee to always do the right thing for our customers, our company, and our community. In an era that saw commercial buyer representation brokerages mostly operating to serve landlords, Hughes Marino realized the necessity for a revolution in the industry. 


Swerving away from the customary brokerage model, they became pacesetters in tenant representation by supporting the little guy–uplifting businesses that had yet to obtain just terms while confronting experienced property owners in their haggling for commercial space. Nowadays, Hughes Marino is highly esteemed as one of the leading tenant representation corporations across the country.


They are number one providing clients around the nation with unparalleled expertise and substantial supportive capabilities. Operated by a spouse, Jason Hughes, Leader & Chief Executive Officer, and Shay Hughes, Head & Chief Operating Officer, Hughes Marino is completely owned by a family unit, so we don’t have to please shareholders. Our main commitment is to safeguard our customers’ interests – something that we do best over any other firms in this sector.