Immensa’s CEO and Co-Founder

Immensa is a solution provider that leverages advanced technologies and artificial intelligence to bring the next level of market intelligence to the energy sector. it is a global company founded Estonia in 2010 as an innovation lab and AI developer. Today, It is not just a solutions provider but also a research partner and investor with international operations in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Africa. With so many companies failing to manage their energy usage properly, Immensa can help your company save money on electricity bills while reducing environmental footprints.

  1. Founders

Immensa’s CEO and co-founder, Peeter Kallaste, is a serial entrepreneur passionate about new ideas and technologies. His most famous company is, a startup incubator in Estonia, where he was involved as the founder or board member of several startups. The second co-founder and the lead AI developer of Immensa’s solutions, Priit Potter, is a leading expert in image analytics and pattern recognition. As a Chief Technology Officer at a global provider of biometrics solutions, he led research projects on face recognition and fingerprint, vein, and palm vein diagnostics applications.

  1. Brief History

The company’s founders were at first on a mission to create an AI startup that would help automate the marketing processes. Still, after studying the potential of artificial intelligence, they discovered that there is much more potential to be explored in this field and chose to switch their direction. In 2010 Immensa was established as an innovation lab and artificial intelligence developer specializing in natural language processing and artificial neural networks. In 2013 it started developing its first energy management platform AIMA.

  1. Mission

The vision is to bring energy management to every home and office, where any area can be monitored, controlled, and optimized with the help of artificial intelligence. The biggest problem with energy management today is that the current solutions are not designed for the mainstream market. AIMA has been developed to address this issue.

The most striking feature of AIMA is that it works without an internet connection. This means that the system is autonomous and will continue to work regardless of Wifi or power supply. AI systems can evaluate the quality of the energy being used in any area where a sensor has been installed (the sensor is sold separately). The AI will then suggest how to optimize energy consumption.