The Real Deal of the RealReal

The RealReal is a luxury item consignment store. You can purchase a number of luxury secondhand items for 90% off the list retail price. To shop or sell your luxury items from the RealReal you have to be a member. The company sells luxury brand items for women’s clothing, menswear, kid’s clothing, watches, and jewelry items. You cannot view all of the luxury brand items that the RealReal sells on their website unless you are a member. One way you can view some of the items on the RealReal is to visit their social media pages. The company’s Instagram page in particular, @therealreal, gives you a sneak peek look at the various products they sell.

The @therealreal Instagram page has pictures of the company’s latest featured products. Some of the recent posts depict images of a Fendi handbag, a Gucci handbag and shoes, Chanel shoes, a Birkin bag, a Hermes bag, and a Chanel bag. The @therealreal page also shows pictures of fashion related quotes from fashionistas, like Joan Rivers and Vivienne Westwood.

The @therealreal Instagram has a considerable following of 155k followers. The page is perfect to follow if you love fashion and The RealReal’s consignment luxury fashion items. Follow them to get a look at the fashion items they have to offer. The RealReal- Instagram