Damien Granderson and The Entertainment Law Firm

Damien Granderson is an attorney that has vast experience in the legal industry. The successful attorney has worked with various people in the industry and deals with a wide range of legal services. Having gained skills in the industry, Damien and Gay Blake, a legal expert, came together to build a legal organization that takes care of a wide range of legal services. 


Gay and Damien Granderson met, and they constructed a perfect relationship. The two attorneys worked together in the same legal company and thought they could make excellent partners, so they decided to create a legal boutique.  The legal company founded by Damien and Blake focuses more on the music industry. 


The firm has been dedicated to signing music and recording contracts with famous artists worldwide for over 15 years. Both attorneys are experienced in legal matters. Damien Granderson noted that they had designed an organization allowing clients to have one attorney and several who would take care of their different legal requirements. 


The attorney continued to say that their primary purpose is to create a legal firm with a wide range of entertainment law experts with varying legal skills who can handle entertainment deals for the firm’s customers. Damien Granderson that these include fashion, branding, media, and technology, among many other services. 

 The legal organization marked its third anniversary in July 2022. The group has offices in New York and Beverly Hills. The organization has closed deals with various customers from various industries. They have had huge success in representing top Hollywodd celebrities and sport superstars. Gay and Damien Granderson work with a team experienced in the legal sector. The law company also provides a learning ground for law students in the region.