Madison Street Capital Providing Investment Advisory Services to Sachs Capital Group

Madison Street Capital is a top American based financial services company. The firm was hired to lead the negotiations in the acquisition of RMG Networks by Sachs Capital Group. Madison was chosen by Sachs Capital to conduct the consultations because of its outstanding record as a leading investment firm with expertise in mergers and acquisitions. Besides Madison, other firms that were involved in the acquisition deal included Virgo Capital and the renowned debt facility provider Merion Investment that facilitated the acquisition funding. RMG Networks is a digital signage firm whose clients comprise 50 percent of the top Fortune 100 Companies. Madison Street Capital advisory team was led by none other than the firm’s Senior MD Mr. Barry Peterson announced the firms CEO Mr. Charles Botchway.

Sachs Capital Group founder and CEO in a statement said that his firm is quite ecstatic to have been able to close the deal with RMG Networks successfully. Mr. Gregory Sachs acknowledged the vital role that Madison Street Capital played of identifying capital sources and providing the advisory opinion that helped to ensure the entire exercise was a success. In a rejoinder statement, Mr. Barry Petersen thanked Sachs Capital Group for choosing Madison Capital Group as their lead advisor in the private transaction. Barry further explained that RMG Networks as a result of its newly launched cloud-based digital signage’s including a new corporate communication platform known as Korbyt stands to benefit its owners.

RMG Networks before its acquisition conducted all its business operations from Dallas. RMG focused on the provision of digital messaging services to its clients.RMG Networks stockholders as a result of the acquisition are entitled to receive 1.29 dollars per share in cash. RMG Networks stocks effective from the date of the purchase will no longer be traded at the stock exchange market.


About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a Chicago Illinois based financial services firm. The firm specializes in the provision of investment advisory services, valuation services and also mergers and acquisitions. Madison Street Capital reputation in the banking investment sector is that of integrity, dedication, commitment, and excellence when it comes to service delivery. It is because of the firm’s excellent reputation that leading firms such as Sachs Capital Group chose Madison as their lead advisers. Madison Street Capital boasts of a team of highly trained experts with decades of experience in the investment financial banking industry. Madison started as a small investment company and has grown over the years to be a top investment banking firm with several branches worldwide.


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