Norman Dives Into The World Of Podcasts, Launches PodcastOne

PodcastOne has made headlines by being one of the leading podcast companies in America and revolutionizing the audio industry. Founded by Norman Pattiz, PodcastOne offers leading audio entertainment in a variety of different genres, for a variety of audiences. PodcastOne is one of the only podcast companies in America that runs entirely on advertisements.


Norman Pattiz is no stranger to the world of audio entertainment. Before PodcastOne, Norman was the pioneer behind Westwood one – of-of the leading radio broadcasters in the country. Norman has been a prominent figure in the world of audio entertainment for an extremely extended period and has handled some of the biggest broadcasting channels in the United States. He has managed severals programs on reputed channels like NBC and CBS and has also had his company be the lead broadcaster for some of the country’s biggest shows like the SuperBowl and the NFL.


The idea was conceptualized when Pattiz was brainstorming ideas to establish a new audio network that would appeal to the current generation of listeners. By incorporating the new found fad of online streaming, Norman started his podcast network to make available some shows from various genres to an audience who would otherwise shy away from the conventional radio.


PodcastOne has some subsidiary networks under its name which gives listeners access to some shows depending on the genre they like. One of the most famous podcast networks under PodcastOne is the Jericho Network which was started by a former WWE Star Chris Jericho. The system comprises of some shows that aren’t just about the star’s past in wrestling entertainment. One of the most famous shows on the channel includes the show called Beyond the Darkness. The show comprises of multiple episodes that discuss numerous topics based on subjects that deal with the paranormal and reportings of otherworldly happenings. The show addresses a broad range of topics under that umbrella such as spirits, mystical elements, and the afterlife.


Norman Pattiz aims to make PodcastOne as close to the radio as possible. He seeks to make PodcastOne the digital equivalent of the radio and seeks to help the company grow just as much as Westwood One grew when it stood tall as an audio entertainment giant.