Damien Granderson at Oxygen and One Channel

Damien Granderson is a full-service entertainment lawyer, writer, producer and creator of DamienGranderson.com. He is committed to providing quality entertainment services including writing, music, film production and much more. He is the most reliable entertainment lawyer currently at practice.


His past collaborations with various people in the entertainment industry have resulted in a plethora of successes including feature films, television projects and music releases. Damien Granderson has been creating things since he was a teenager, making his first foray into writing when he was still in elementary school. He wrote his first screenplay at age fifteen.


Up to now, he continues to write screenplays and memoirs today. He is a writer, producing director, publisher and avid musician who has created numerous hip-hop tracks with his production group DGRANDM3. Damien Granderson is also the co-founder & CEO of Grand Theft Entertainment LLC which includes video game design/development and writing/publishing ventures. 


Damien has also appeared in various roles (writer, producer, director) on various TV shows and movies including the most recent Andrei Antonov film “The Weight” as well as the upcoming film “Race To Love” for Sony Pictures Digital Productions. His numerous television appearances include programming for MTV, Logo, Oxygen and One Channel (Deadline). 

Granderson learned to play piano at age four, picked up guitar at fourteen, wrote poetry and began writing his own music and poetry at fifteen, taught himself to produce music by eighteen and began writing screenplays by twenty. Damien Granderson has continued to write music on an ongoing basis throughout his life. Granderson practices yoga, meditates regularly, does martial arts and attends church every Sunday.