The Innovative Mind Behind Intrivo: Ron Gutman

Ron Gutman is a man of many talents, including being a serial entrepreneur, inventor, and investor. He is also an educator, writer, and a thought leader in the fields of technology, health innovation, and business. Throughout his career, Gutman has dedicated himself to creating companies and organizations that help people live happier, healthier lives. His passion for personalized health and well-being led him to study at Stanford University with an outstanding academic background.


Here, the business and healthcare expert served as a graduate student and later led a multidisciplinary group of faculty and students in research on the topic. The result of their work was the creation of the BeWell@Stanford program, which continues to support students and faculty in their health and wellness goals to this day. In 2006, Ron Gutman founded Wellsphere, an online consumer health company that served over 100 million people and was acquired in early 2009. 


He later went on to invent and lead the development of various health-tech solutions at HealthApp, including HOPES, the first Health Operating System, and Dr. A.I., an artificial intelligence tool for symptom triage and information. Ron Gutman is also the founder and CEO of FestiHealth, an interactive platform that provides a virtual expo of cutting-edge health-tech solutions.


His outstanding and career work goes far beyond. Ron Gutman explains that it also features inspiring and knowledgeable speakers in the wellness and healthcare industries. He also founded the Live Long & Flourish Club, a not-for-profit community dedicated to researching and scientifically validating the most effective health solutions. Ron Gutman has been recognized as a leading innovator in health-tech.

Finally, he has been featured in multiple media outlets, including CNBC, PC Magazine, NBC, and the World Economic Forum. He is also a regular speaker at academic institutions like Stanford University and at technology and health conferences, such as TED, Fortune Brainstorm Tech, and CES. Ron Gutman’s unwavering dedication to improving people’s health and well-being has made him a force to be reckoned with in the industry. He continues to invest in and advise various health and technology companies, bringing his innovative ideas and solutions to the forefront of the industry.