Larry Baer SF Giants CEO Discusses Overcoming Business Failure

Larry Baer is celebrated as a top-notch sports industry visionary and currently serves as the CEO of SF Giants, a notable Major League Baseball (MLB) team. After earning his undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley, he started his career in the business sector.

After a short stint in the media industry, Bear joined SF Giants in the early 1990s and started laying a foundation for assuming leadership of the MLB team. In 2012, The SF Giants CEO realized his dream and ascended to the team’s CEO. During a recent interview, the SF Giants CEO discussed overcoming business failure.

Failure should never derail an entrepreneur from their dreams

According to Larry Baer, failure should not lead entrepreneurs to give up on their ambitions and goals. This is because failure is an experience that every entrepreneur must undergo before getting to their success. Therefore, he advised that any aspiring entrepreneur should be ready to deal with any failures they encounter.

The Giants CEO mentioned that the best approach to handling failure is taking the entire experience as a lesson. Analyze it to find out where you went wrong and rectify any mistakes that you might have made. He added that even in failure, you are bound to find several things that you did right, and you need to amplify them in your next attempt.

Maintaining relentless discipline

Larry Baer stated that maintaining relentless discipline will also help entrepreneurs minimize their chances of encountering failures as they pursue success. He added that being disciplined also enables entrepreneurs to have an easier time giving their ambitions and goals another goes after a failure.

The SF Giants CEO said that he has been in the business sector for nearly three decades, he has been relying on exercising daily to maintain top-class discipline. The strategy has been very beneficial as it has also enabled him to live a healthier life. Go here for related Information.

Larry Baer also held the position of Chairman and CEO of Giants Development Services. In this job he implemented the development of the Mission Rock public park complex across the street from the AT&T park.


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