Around the World: Steve Lesnard

In the age of the internet peopke can take a look at new things that stores have to offer. Folks can sit in their living rooms on their screens and take a look at what a company has for them. This is the idea behind a virtual event put together by brand expert Steve Lesnard. He wanted as many people to be able to take a look at the brand name Sephora. He wants them to see that it is a quality company that offers good value for their money. This is how he was able to achieve his goal.

The event was held online for people to stream. They are invited into this virtual home to take a look at products available in each room of the house. This is how people can discover the wide array of products that Sephora has to offer them. Customers can find good deals, and people can be ready to buy them with a simple click of a mouse. This is the strategy for Steve Lesnard and the team at Sephora.

They had to make the experience memorable for everyone. For those that can spend a little more money, they can get their hands on a take home bag that is full of different stuff. Steve Lesnard had a challenge on his hands, and Steve Lesnard was able to meet it head on. He like the idea of using the internet to the best of its ability. That’s what it is there for.

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