Guilherme Paulus: Becoming One Of Brazil’s Most Admired Business Professionals

For those who aspire to venture into the business of tourism, Guilherme Paulus should be one of the perfect role models to look up to. For more than two decades, his name has been marked with tremendous success in Brazil’s tourism sector, where he oversees training and corporate leadership as well as general operations in the hospitality sector.

His unwavering dedication is also something to observe in that he started his career from humble beginnings where he worked for IBM. After a few years of serving as a junior associate, he left the company to work as a salesperson in the travel and tourism sector. He was in the process of attending to one of his clients when he met Carlos Vicente who was a politician at that moment.

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While Paulus had the idea to establish a tours and travel agency, he didn’t have the required capital to start it. Therefore, he initiated the business, but Carlos Vicente gave him the capital. They worked as a team for a few years before Vicente left the company under Guilherme’s leadership. For more than ten years, Guilherme Paulus invested in creating a revolutionary brand that has impacted the industry in many ways including providing all families with equal opportunities to travel across the world in luxurious transport systems.

To reiterate his commitment to the growth of the industry, Guilherme Paulus has also taken a role in making sure that youths from average income earning families have the chance to learn more about the basics of being successful in the tours and travel industry. For many years, he has directed all the resources of CVC Brasil to sponsor useful education programs in his community. Guilherme Paulus has worked with organizations such as Foz do Iguacu of PIET Project as well as National Project of Professional Initiation.

CVC Brasil Operadora is a Brazil-based agency that engages in offering clients domestic as well as international tourism services and products. The company provides resort stays, airline tickets, and cruises among others. Besides, it organizes language camps as well as trips for teenagers. CVC Brasil is also one of the most envied tours and travel agencies in Brazil.

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