Raffaele Riva

Raffaele Riva is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist with the vision to turn everyday people into family office managers. He has founded many businesses and organizations, such as Catello Real Estate Group, Riva Energy, and now his latest company AUREA Multi-Family Office.

He founded Catello Real Estate Group (Catello) in Milan, Italy. Catello is a real estate investment and development company specializing in upscale residential and commercial buildings. Throughout his career, Riva has helped build over 2,000 buildings worldwide and has overseen the construction of over 6 million square feet of residential space. Catello’s most famous project is the building of The Palazzina Liberty near Milan.

After a 20-year career at Catello, Riva decided to establish another real estate investment company, Riva Energy. With Riva’s experience in the world of commercial construction, he was able to acquire land and build a new factory in Milan. This new project was meant to be a green power plant called Progetto Turin. Riva’s leadership skills and experience with construction led to many jobs at the United Nations and UN agencies such as UN-Habitat. Riva Energy now owns renewable energy plants in Italy and Eastern Europe and power plants in India and China. He can sustain over 300 jobs in places suffering frequent disasters through this business.

In addition to his businesses, Raffaele Riva is also very involved with philanthropy and charity work. Riva has built two schools for underprivileged children in India and Ethiopia via the Not For Profit organization San Patrignano. The Riva Foundation has also donated funds towards cancer research at the Humanitas Research Hospital.

Riva Multi-Family Office aims to help family offices manage their wealth and give them a chance to build up their financial survival in an emergency. Raffaele is a big believer that family offices are often on their own without a financial head. To do this, Riva Multi-Family Office will offer financial management software and services such as portfolio management and tax planning. See related link to learn more.


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Raffaele Riva

Raffaele Riva is an Italian artist from Milan. He is a painter, sculptor and engraver. Raffaele’s father was a craftsman, an engraver, and a lithographer. As his son grew up, his father showed him the different techniques he used to create prints, significantly influencing Raffaele’s artistic inclinations. His first memories of drawing involve the sketching of his own hands after school class to provide stimulation for their development.

Raffaele Riva attended the Accademia di Brera but was not interested in the formal training. Instead, he preferred to go behind the backs of his professors. He was a frequent visitor at Galleria Pesaro, where he watched and studied Tommaso Minardi’s works, significantly influencing him. Riva believed that art should be created with freedom and not by following any set rules- thus, he rejected painting in oils and pastels in favour of lesser-known techniques such as tempera. In tempera painting, the colours are mixed with water and applied to a base coat of egg white. The colours then come together on the surface in a way that resembles paint but are opposite in consistency. After some time, the colours fade and blend, creating a natural texture of light and dark. Raffaele Riva preferred this technique to another popular tempera medium, gouache, created by mixing gum Arabic with water. The disadvantage of gouache is that it can take much longer to dry than usual.

Raffaele Riva‘s primary interest was in painting and sculpture, but he also worked with engraving machines which allowed him to create works more abstract than his paintings though still symbolic. In the early 2000s, Riva began experimenting with vitreous enamel to create relief prints. This process involves applying melted glass to a plate and then applying a new layer of glass over the image. The image is then inked to print. This technique can take 1- 4 days depending on the printed piece. Go to this page for additional information.


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Success Of Raffaele Riva

Raffaele Riva is the founder and CEO of Aurea Multi-Family Group, a company specializing in rental properties in Washington, DC. The company offers homes to individuals who work in the city or for those who want to live in the town. The many benefits of renting from them are a large selection, high-quality service, and fair prices. The company is committed to providing its tenants with a high standard of living by keeping the properties fully furnished and updated. Riva has succeeded thanks to his tenacity, drive for excellence and persistence.

Raffaele Riva was born in the United States, but his family hails from Italy. Before opening Aurea, Raffaele worked as a travel agent. However, he soon learned he wasn’t cut out for this kind of work and decided to change. He knew he wanted to work in the real estate industry but had no experience. After a lengthy self-investigation and soul searching, Raffaele chose to begin his journey and start an investment property management company.

Raffaele Riva’s vision is to offer the quality of service and product found in his other endeavors but with a more professional, luxury approach. He made all of the necessary changes, and the result was the creation of Aurea. The company is managed by a team that enjoys working together constantly. Each member believes in Raffaele’s vision and is prepared to work hard to make it a success.

The mission of Aurea is to provide personalized services. Each customer receives a one-on-one designer working with them to create a customized design. They aim to satisfy every customer and make their renting experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible. The company offers an extensive selection of homes in the city, each impeccably decorated and well-maintained.

Raffaele Riva prides himself on understanding and fulfilling his customers’ needs. He ensures they are fully satisfied with the homes they choose, and he always remembers to thank them for their business. He works hard to find solutions when problems arise, ensuring everyone stays in the city for good. Follow this page for related information.


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Raffaele Riva

Raffaele Riva co-founded AUREA Multi-Family Office with his fellow executives, and the company is already experiencing phenomenal success. As a successful entrepreneur, Raffaele has transformed his love of wine into a thriving business that allows him to indulge in his favorite hobby without worrying about it taking over his life. His experience managing multiple properties and financial matters that don’t exactly fit together linearly has also been instrumental in helping him formulate and develop a unique business model.


He was recognized at the IWSC Awards 2015 as Innovator of the Year and Innovator of the Month. He was also named Entrepreneurial Personality of the Year. Raffaele has pledged his support to help raise awareness and improve the lives of individuals with disabilities and spinal cord injuries. He has also been an Ambassador for Multiple Sclerosis Association USA since 2011. This non-profit organization, based in Los Angeles, California, helps those living with MS who have difficulty maintaining employment or obtaining gainful employment because of disability or chronic illness.


Raffaele Riva received a Bachelor of Arts degree from New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering and completed the CFA L1 program. He has been awarded the “Global Leader of Tomorrow” and received honorary citizenship from Krakow, Poland.

Career accomplishments

Raffaele Riva is an entrepreneur from the United States working in different fields and industries. He has received numerous awards for his work, including the IWSC Awards 2015 as Innovator of the Year. Currently, he works for Aurea Multi-Family Office. He is a prominent businessman who can manage his multi-million dollar business without fail. With his real estate and finance knowledge, Raffaele Riva has helped formulate and put together an excellent multi-family office model for a business that is not so easy to manage. His background in dealing with varied personalities while navigating through the issues that arise sets him apart from business people in the same field. See this article for additional information.


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Raffaele Riva: The Secret Behind the Success of Aurea Multi-Family Group

Raffaele Riva is the name behind the flourishing business empire of the Aurea Multi-Family Group. With his extensive experience and business acumen, Riva has successfully transformed the company into a leading player in the real estate industry. This article will take a closer look at the flourishing business empire and Aurea Multi-Family Group’s success.

Raffaele Riva has been a successful entrepreneur for over two decades. He has a wealth of experience in the real estate industry, having started his career as a property developer. Over the years, Raffaele has developed a keen understanding of the real estate market and has turned this knowledge into a profitable business. In 2011, he founded the Aurea Multi-Family Group to acquire, manage and develop multi-family real estate properties. The company has since grown to become one of the leading players in the industry, with a portfolio of properties that spans several countries.

One of the key factors behind the success of Aurea Multi-Family Group is Raffaele’s commitment to providing high-quality properties and excellent customer service. The company’s properties are designed with the resident’s needs in mind, and the company goes to great lengths to ensure that residents are happy and satisfied with their homes. The company’s management team is highly experienced and is dedicated to ensuring that residents’ needs are met and that their homes are well-maintained.

Another factor that has contributed to the success of the Aurea Multi-Family Group is his focus on innovation. The company is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve its properties and services and invests heavily in research and development. This has allowed the company to stay ahead of the curve and to offer its residents the latest and best technology and amenities.

The success of Aurea Multi-Family Group can also be attributed to Raffaele Riva’s business strategy. He has a long-term vision for the company and is committed to growing the business sustainably and responsibly. He is always looking for new opportunities to expand the company’s reach and increase its profitability. This has allowed the company to grow steadily and establish itself as a leading player in the industry.

In conclusion, Raffaele is the driving force behind the success of the Aurea Multi-Family Group. His extensive experience, business acumen, commitment to high-quality properties, focus on innovation, and long-term vision has all played a critical role in the company’s success. With Raffaele Riva at the helm, the Aurea Multi-Family Group is poised to continue thriving and maintain its position as a leading player in the real estate industry.

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The Success Story Of Raffaele Riva

Aurea Multi-Family Group is an organization that helps families in Italy achieve their dreams of home ownership. Raffaele Riva has been a driving force behind the company’s success and has worked hard to make it one of the most respected organizations in its field. Thanks to his efforts, Aurea Multi-Family Group has helped countless people buy homes and improve their quality of life.

Raffaele Riva was born in Italy in 1977. He grew up in a small town near Naples and always dreamed of making a difference in the world. After finishing high school, he enrolled in college and studied business administration. He graduated with honors and immediately began working in the real estate industry.

Raffaele quickly realized that he had a passion for helping people buy homes. He saw how difficult it was for families to achieve their dream of homeownership, and he wanted to do something about it. In 2004, he founded Aurea Multi-Family Group, intending to help people realize their dream of home ownership.

The company specializes in helping families find and purchase affordable homes in Italy by providing them with the resources and support they need. It also offers financial assistance to families struggling to make ends meet.

Raffaele Riva’s roles include being the president of AMFG and the chairman of its board. He is also a member of numerous boards, including Credem Banca and FIMAA Milano. Raffaele Riva makes sure that the company is always moving forward and expanding its reach so that it can help even more people.

The people who have benefitted from Aurea Multi-Family Group’s services are very grateful. They often write to Raffaele to express their thanks and tell him how much his work has changed their lives. It is clear that Raffaele Riva is making a difference in the world, and he is helping people achieve their dreams of homeownership. Thanks to his efforts, more and more families can live happy and prosperous lives. See related link for additional information.


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