Christopher Terry: Founder Of IM Academy

Christopher Terry is a veteran trader, entrepreneur, CEO, and founder of IM Academy. He was born in the United States, where he also spent most of his childhood life. He is passionate about sports, and often, during his free time, he attends basketball games.

Terry pursued his education in the United States and was outstanding in sports and academics. After graduating from high school, he enrolled in higher education at a local community college. Later, he joined Northern Illinois University, where he graduated with a degree in business administration. The course equipped Terry with the skills to launch and spearhead a company’s success.

After completing college, Terry, founder of IM Academy got employed by several firms where he served with diligence, commitment, and determination. However, IM Academy developed an interest in financial markets and trading. In the late 1990s, he started trading stocks and options before shifting to Forex Trading.

In the early 2000s, Terry was hired by a leading hedge fund to be in charge of the Forex Trading desk. This hallmarked Terry’s career journey in financial markets and forex. He worked hard and remained consistent in everything he was doing, earning him a positive reputation in the trading industry. Several traders and investors sought trading insights and strategies from Terry.

Christopher Terry co-founded IM Academy in 2013 to share global forex knowledge with his audience. By equipping learners with forex skills, Christopher was optimistic that everyone would succeed financially. The course would also cater to the less fortunate by providing them with scholarships to finance their education. Terry is acknowledged and respected in the trading Forex Trading for his significant contributions and immeasurable success.

In conclusion, Christopher Terry is a respected and visionary trader with a significant impact on the financial and trading industry. Several factors have contributed to his success, including his passion and commitment to trading. Terry is a leader, role model, and source of inspiration to many globally. Go to this page to learn more.


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