Computing Expert Tom Keane

Tom Keane is the Corporate Vice-President of Azure Global in Microsoft. Microsoft is one of the largest software companies in the world, and businesses, schools, public institutions, and other organizations widely use its services. Tom’s responsibilities include managing Microsoft’s global data center infrastructure and its commercial cloud platform, Azure.


Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer appointed Tom Keane to his current role in 2014. He had been overseeing Azure “cloud strategy and all the things that go into building clouds, such as enterprise sales, global go-to-market, marketing, and customer support.” Keane has over 20 years of experience selling and managing IT infrastructure products and services globally. He started his career at EDS in 1993 as a Technical Support Executive.


Here, he gained experience in expanding a global support organization from 30 countries to 150. His work at Microsoft has been fulfilling for Tom Keane because it allows him to help people live better lives through technology. He also likes that Microsoft puts users first by thinking about how they can make things easier for them to do their jobs or be more productive. 


Tom Keane at the Microsoft CEO Summit

According to Tom Keane, “Sticking to your values is critical in your work life, and ensuring it’s aligned with the company’s culture is vital. He has been studying different management strategies and believes success is also driven by effective communication. Keane also believes that business leaders should define success by providing customer value rather than making money. 


He is a welcomed speaker and has had the opportunity to present at many conferences, including the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC). Also, Tom Keane was featured at TechEd, Worldwide Services Conference (WSC), Microsoft Ignite, and partners’ conferences across the Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa (APACMEA) and Latin America. 

Tom’s life as a contributor to Microsoft is well spent. He believes Microsoft has a great culture and encourages its employees to leave their comfort zone and reach for the stars. Tom Keane is a well-organized, hardworking and influential business leader who has helped Microsoft become one of the best-known companies in the world.