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Mo Katibeh, founder and CEO of Alpha M Group, is an innovator and entrepreneur who has been at the forefront of tech startups for over 17 years. To date, Mo has earned more than $25M as an investor through his investments in some of the most successful tech startups that have come to market. Mo believes that success in business comes from living a balanced life and emphasizing on your priorities.

Mo had to grow up fast because of his family’s financial situation. He was raised in a Palestinian refugee camp and struggled to provide for himself and his family. His parents ultimately moved him out of the camp and into an apartment, where he lived for one year before finishing high school at a public school where there were no grades for intelligence or academic achievers. After high school, Mo enrolled in an international business program from Langara College in Vancouver, Canada.

Mo was introduced to startups as a student and he was immediately drawn to the potential for innovation in this new field. He has been involved in the startup world ever since. Mo’s diverse business interests include technology, marketing, retail, and services. His companies were successful from day 1, with many of them becoming public companies.

Introducing Mo Katibeh

Massarwa Draz is an entrepreneur, business leader, and lifestyle enthusiast. She is the founder of Alpha M Group (, a boutique real estate brokerage firm servicing the tech community in Vancouver & Toronto. Alpha M Group focuses on connecting tech-driven entrepreneurs with the perfect places to live and work.

Massarwa Draz is a regular speaker at conferences and events, including TEDx. She is passionate about leveraging technology to create stronger communities and bringing together people who have a passion for making an impact on the world through their business endeavors.

She is also the founder of Massarwa Draz Foundation (www.massarwadrazfoundation.