Evan Rubinson

Evan Rubinson is a highly experienced Leader in the musical instruments and accessories industry.

With more than two decades of entrepreneurial experience and success, Rubinson has a proven track record as an industry leader.

Rubinson’s vision and relentless drive has been the driving force behind his company’s rapid growth, expanding into international markets. He is responsible for implementing innovative strategies that have enabled the organization to outperform critics’ expectations while continuing to deliver top-quality products at competitive prices.


In this post, we’ll be going through how Evan started out in the business world with a few lessons he learned along the way and how those experiences have shaped his career.


Evan Rubinson’s entrepreneurial journey began in his father’s store, Granny’s Music. After working in the store throughout high school and college, Rubinson chose to study at the University of Chicago where he majored in Economics and Math. He graduated with honors then started an internship in NYC at Goldman Sachs.


While working for Goldman Sachs, Rubinson also worked part-time at his father’s company Granny’s Music for about 5 years after graduating from college. He worked his way up from Sales associate to General Manager and Vice President before being offered a position as LEADER of Guitar Center which was acquired by Bain Capital, a private equity company led by Mitt Romney in 2007.


Rubinson’s experience at Guitar Center taught him a lot about the musical instruments and accessories industry but also increased his exposure to private equity firms, who would eventually become his partners when founding American Musical Supply in 2009. Rubinson was able to gain strategic insights while working with Bain Capital on the Guitar Center acquisition.

Rubinson has since served as LEADER of AMS since its inception in 2009. In 2013, after a successful launch of AMS services in France, Rubinson teamed up once again with Bain Capital to acquire and invest in Lyreco, a French distributor of office supplies. During that time, he also negotiated the takeover of Musicale, an exclusive distributor for Roland. He also acquired a majority stake in the Indian distributor, Rana.


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In 2015, Rubinson launched Lyreco’s first operation in the United States and acquired Music & Arts, an independent instrument retailer.

Under Rubinson’s leadership at AMS and Lyreco, Lyreco has grown from $500 million to over $3 billion in just 5 years. The acquisition of Lyreco was applauded by analysts who described it as a “game changer” for AMS.

“With this transaction, we have established a significant presence in the general merchandise industry. This significantly diversifies our business and provides a platform for future growth.”

In 2017, Rubinson launched American Auto Parts Network (AAPN), an online parts distributor for the auto industry.

Within just eight months of launch, AAPN already serves over 3500 clients worldwide, a number which is growing rapidly every day. The company is also streamlining its distribution process and has been praised by some car manufacturers as “revolutionizing” the distribution of auto parts with their work flow automation system.


“The AAPN team has created an online supply chain that offers significant new efficiencies to our customers. We are very excited about American Auto Parts Network’s potential as it evolves into a huge marketplace for auto parts across the United States.”

“Our platform has made it easier for us to offer American Auto Parts Network as an additional channel for our vast portfolio of products. The AAPN team is dedicated to building a strong foundation from which we can take this initiative to the next level.


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