Gino Pozzo Career In England Football

Watford Football Club does not play ordinary football. The team success cannot be mentioned without the name of its owner, Gino Pozzo. The media has begun appreciated Pozzo as the leading disrupter in football history. The career of the businessman started when he was only sixteen.

Gino Pozzo, in his youth, had so much love for football. His intelligence and skills in football was evident when playing with other young boys in the neighborhood. For professional football, however, the executive started coaching clubs at nineteen. For twenty years, the Watford Football Club manager has remained busy coaching and managing several clubs in Spain, Italy and England.

In Italy is where the businessman began his football career. While here, Pozzo coached the family-owned club professionally until it was time for him to relocate to Spain.

In education and other business forums, Gino Pozzo has been a star. The leading coach has acquired incredible education foundation from various universities around the world. Pozzo was winning major championships while still wisely investing in electricity investments.

Gino Pozzo education and marriage life has all happened while he was giving his attention to football. The Italian coach met his wife while he was working in Spain many years ago. The Italian couple lived in Spain for many years while raising their family. The family, however, left everything accumulated in Spain when they acquired their dream football team, Watford Football Club.

The decision did not appear as the best for many other football investors. Although the multi-million-dollar industry is grown over the years, there were some doubts that Watford would gain its former fame in the competitive Premier League level. With Pozzo in charge of all the team operations and decisions, the team has not only made money, it has become one of the top leaders in the country. The players have expressed their satisfaction while working with their new manager. See related link for additional information.


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