Jason Hope and social networks

As we move into the 21st century, social networking sites have significantly shifted how we communicate. With the implementation of different texting apps and services, phone calls are now outdated. As Jason Hope recalls, the market is becoming increasingly competitive as every other social networking site tries to outdo the others regarding:


features, message boards, and customer base. That said, a handful of social networking sites are gaining popularity among their customers. Jason Hope is a well-known entrepreneur who has revolutionized the business world with various ventures. The activist investor has made it a point to analyze every aspect of business, including social networking sites. Here are his three future aspects of social networking sites:


  1. Businesses to grow due to the emergence of social networks:

Businesses will grow immensely as a result of the emergence of social networks. Social networks will make connecting with customers much more accessible, growing your brand and marketing yourself to the public. For Jason Hope, this will be great for businesses looking to build new relationships, gain customers and reach a broader population worldwide.

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  1. Social networks will make entertainment stronger:

People are more inclined to seek entertainment online, especially on social networking sites. The idea of having a variety of backgrounds and different people to interact with is something that has proven very popular on social networking sites. The same applies for businesses that are looking for the best branding strategies to interact with future customers. Jason Hope recalls how people use social networking sites to interact while gaining knowledge and making connections. Social networks have made it easier for people to make friends and entertain themselves.


  1. Mobile devices becoming major:

Over the last year, more and more users have been accessing social networking sites on mobile devices. Jason Hope recalls that social networks are becoming more and more popular, especially among younger users. This is mainly because of the ease with which they can access social networks from their mobile phones anytime and anywhere they want, making it easy to interact with people instantly.