Launch House has been around for two years and has proven to be the cynosure for startups and young entrepreneurs in the US. Founded by Brett Goldstein, Michael Houck, and Jacob Peters, Launch House has established itself as an avenue for its founders and young entrepreneurs to level up and better their lives.

In 2022, Michael Houck announced House Capital, a venture arm with a $10 million debut fund to support new and existing members. This venture strengthens the relationship with the company’s founders and sets the ball rolling for business at the pre-seed and seed stages.


Through working with influential individuals like Serena Williams, Peter Hollens, and Elon Musk, House Capital has created a robust force that spearheads the community forward by providing an environment that enables individuals to participate in various business ventures.

This New Silicon Valley is pivotal and beneficial to young investors, attracting Gen Z and millennials and teaching them to demonstrate optimism, authenticity, and diversity. You get to join a quality community that comprises ambitious people, investors, and builders that focus on mentorship and skill building and get to understand new market dynamics.

Launch House, a community-driven approach which has also been adopted by firms such as Earnest Capital and Earnest Fund has seen House Capital raise over $1B through partnering with Sequoia, a16z, and Y Combinator. The capital raised benefits the community members selected annually from different locations.

How the community and investors benefit

Membership qualifies you to get a wide range of benefits spread across different areas that help you explore different opportunities. House capital is creating a shift and shaping the future business landscape, promoting the creation of unique products and services, building brands, and helping individuals focus on brand, growth, and distribution more effectively. Refer to this article for related information.


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