Ron Gutman, Inventor and Innovator

Ron Gutman is a serial entrepreneur and inventor who has invested in various companies. He likes to come in at an early stage to foster a company’s growth, either through funding or through his experience and connections to help the entrepreneur succeed. 


His inventions are mostly centered around technology, but he has been known to be active in the world of biology as well. As an inventor, he has received several healthcare patents for various projects which have gone on to be successful. Ron Gutman also works as an adjunct professor at Stanford University, teaching various entrepreneurial management and venture capital subjects. 


He has a wealth of knowledge to share with aspiring entrepreneurs. He likes passing knowledge on to the younger generation because he believes knowledge is fuel. In his spare time, Ron Gutman enjoys spending time with his family. He also likes to play golf and tennis. They are simple activities that help him relax. 


Ron is a firm believer in giving back to his community, which is why he supports local charities and donations. He has donated money in the past to both education and the arts. Ron Gutman likes to see his money put to good use, and he believes that the arts are an excellent outlet for people of all ages.

Ron Gutman has been active in the world of technology for many years now, and he continues to be a hands-on investor and mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs. He is a hardworking man, and his passion for his work has helped him succeed. Healthcare and business expert Ron Gutman continues to invest in technology and hopes to someday help the world with his inventions.