Royal Holiday is a travel company whose purpose is to enable people to travel to unique destinations worldwide and to experience fantastic travel destinations globally. Quality time with loved ones like family and friends is essential to bring relaxation and build bonds among people. Intending to enjoy life, Royal Holiday has created Royal Holiday Foundation to enable people to celebrate life.

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Royal Holiday Foundation is an organization founded in 2015. The Vacations for All Movement has supported underprivileged people in society to enjoy life by taking them on vacations. The foundation was formed that vacations benefit people’s well-being despite all life challenges. It created experiences for vulnerable groups of people that impacted their lives positively.

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Vacations For All Movement is an initiative under the wing of the Royal Holiday Foundation that has a deep belief that vacations are vital for both adults and children and contribute towards their mental wellness despite the situation they are involved. Vacations have a positive impact on people’s lives because, in the process, as they explore, they are impacted with positive values and habits. Joy, self-love, and respect are some of the positive values.

Some vulnerable groups impacted by this foundation are cancer survivors especially women, prisoners, good-performing children, people with disabilities, and older people. Many foundations have shown interest in the good cause and are significantly supported towards the benefit of vulnerable groups. Over the years, a large group of people has benefited; if anyone is willing to support the foundation, they are welcome.

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