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Steve Lesnard has had quite a career as a business leader and advisor in the retail industry. He made the strategic decision to switch industries and pursue marketing. He has consulted with several companies, including The North Face, Forbes, and Sephora.

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He aims to help them develop their retail strategies and expand their businesses. Learn more about his contributions to the retail industry and his take on what it takes to succeed in this competitive environment.

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Steve Lesnard At North Face

The north face is known for its iconic jackets, which have a design of windproof and waterproof. Steve Lesnard is the North Face global senior vice president of marketing and product. Through Lesnard, North Face introduced the Vectiv shoe line, which is supportive and comfortable for long-term training for the athletes.

The intention was to allow runners to train for more extended periods without feeling pain or fatigue in their feet. North face has been working on strengthening the brand by creating various collaborations with celebrities like Dylan Bowman. This athlete tested the first Vectiv prototype, and he was able to make suggestions for how the company could improve it.

Lesnard is responsible for the success of this company by adding style and quality, thus, giving consumers more variety when shopping. His strategy was to focus on how the product speaks to its customers. He and others participants have been able to grow the company by focusing on their target audience rather than just products or profit margins.