How Diogo Corona Keeps His Passions Alive at Smart Fit

Diogo Corona had humble beginnings as an administrative intern at Smart Fit. Now, he serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the company! Corona also runs his own business, TotalPass. The two companies work together to provide the best gym experience to every customer.

Corona is a busy person with two executive roles at two separate companies. Thankfully, he leads a productive lifestyle to keep his passions alive. Diogo Corona wakes up every morning at 6:30 to get his day started. He goes to a Smart Fit gym where he can exercise and focus on any new ideas in his mind.

Corona consistently monitors trends in the gym industry to keep ideas coming. Currently, for example, he wants to learn more about weightlifting. He believes that this workout can improve someone’s mental health through the power they feel. One of his passions behind his work is to help his customers feel like their best selves.

Diogo Corona also keeps his passions alive by focusing on the future. He knows that his past is full of learning experiences. Corona believes that even his most harmful phases taught him how to communicate and develop creative thinking patterns.

Corona reflects his passion for his companies to his employees. He wants to lead by example in hopes that his team will follow. Corona maintains his productivity at the workplace to help fulfill his passions. He encourages his employees to find their reasons for being passionate about their jobs. He believes that hard work is always worth it in the end.

Diogo Corona cannot keep up with his passions without some sense of organization. He uses Canderly and Google Meet to meet with new people and monitor his daily tasks. Corona also constantly wants to grow in his role. He uses podcasts and books to learn more strategies for his executive positions.

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