Diogo Corona Overview of How It Has Been Running Smart Fit

Diogo Corona is an Executive Director of Smart Fit, one of the largest fitness center chains in the world. The following is an overview of Diogo’s professional trajectory, the challenges he has faced, and the future of the fitness industry in Brazil and worldwide.

Diogo Corona has a degree in Engineering from USP and an MBA from Stanford University. He started his career at McKinsey & Company, where he worked for five years before joining 3G Capital, a global investment firm, as an investor. It was during this time that Diogo was invited to join the board of directors of Smart Fit. He accepted the invitation and became the company’s Executive Director in 2018.

According to Diogo Corona, one of the biggest challenges he faced when he joined Smart Fit was the need to expand the company’s operations while maintaining its quality standards. Smart Fit was already a well-known brand, but it had to keep growing to keep up with the market. Diogo worked to ensure that the company could expand while maintaining its focus on the customer experience, which is one of Smart Fit’s core values.

Diogo also talked about the future of the fitness industry, saying that the pandemic has accelerated a trend that was already happening: the digitalization of fitness. Smart Fit has launched its digital platform, which offers online classes and personalized training programs, as a response to this trend. According to Diogo, this digitalization of fitness will continue to be important even after the pandemic ends.

Diogo Corona offers valuable insights into his professional trajectory and the challenges he has faced as Executive Director of Smart Fit. His vision of the future of the fitness industry is also relevant, as it highlights the importance of digitalization in the current market.

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