The CEO of Mako Medical is Chad Price

The CEO of Mako Medical is Chad Price, a healthcare technology company based in North Carolina. He is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully founded and grown several companies. Chad founded Mako Medical in 2010 with a mission to create better patient care through innovative technology and improved access to healthcare.

Chad’s personal experiences are what fuel his interest in the medical field. He had a deep enthusiasm for enhancing people’s lives and assisting in eliminating healthcare inequities at a very young age. He immediately recognized the potential of technology to advance the healthcare sector and deliver more effective and efficient patient care.

Mako Medical’s success is largely due to Chad’s leadership. He has witnessed the business grow from a small start-up to a multi-million dollar enterprise. He has steadfastly supported soldiers and their families and oversaw the organization. He recently received the honor of being chosen to represent North Carolina in a nationwide program to hire veterans.

Chad participates actively in his neighborhood as well. He has given numerous speeches and been featured on multiple media sites. He also belongs to the Superbcrew, a global network of business owners and entrepreneurs.

He has achieved his goal of delivering patient-centered healthcare as the CEO of Mako Medical. The business has expanded under his direction and now serves patients in all 50 states. He is committed to ensuring all patients access high-quality, affordable healthcare.

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