Tom Keane Explains About The Internet of Things

Tom Keane is one of the co-founders of Azure Microsoft, a company that provides cloud computing and big data. The cloud engineer also has been the CEO of this company for four years. This article will discuss Keane, his education, career, and more information on Azure Microsoft. Azure Microsoft is a leading cloud computing vendor. 


The company was created in 2009. Azure Microsoft is considered the fastest-growing one out of the other cloud computing vendors. They have been featured in over ten magazines and top ten for their products. Among the Business Insider reviews. Gradually, led by Tom Keane, Azure Microsoft has been rising to the top and has set its goal as one of the top ten by 2020.

Tom Keane of Microsoft Azure Global

The company plays various roles, including data center, hardware, and mobile. The company has provided over 200 products, including analytics software and the Internet of Things. As of June 2017, under the leadership of Tom Keane, Azure from Microsoft Corporation has sold over 12 million products with a $10 billion revenue.


Azure Microsoft is known for its wide range of products and services. They started with a wealth of experience in various fields, like finance, cloud computing, e-commerce, and engineering. It also has massive data centers that can support up to $1 billion in revenue. As Tom Keane explains, the company is widely spread out, but it is still considered one of the critical cloud computing companies.

Tom Keane’s mission is to change how people work and live through the rise of people’s expectations of computers. Tom Keane believes that more people will use computers, resulting in more demands for technology. He hopes that by using common sense to judge the business, he can bring out a better product.