Vik Bansal Brings Growth In InfraBuild

In an article entitled “CEO Spotlight: InfraBuild CEO Vik Bansal Believes Australia’s Manufacturing Sector Can Thrive Post-pandemic”, Bansal shared how he worked to transform not only the business, but the waste management sector as a whole, advocating for Australia to build recycling infrastructure that would see it create a circular economy.

InfraBuild has become very popular in recent months. The steel manufacturing platform has done an excellent job, and it has shown the community the benefits of recycling. Not long ago, the facility publicly announced its half of the year finance results. While the results were being announced, it was evident that the institution had managed to improve in all its financial metrics.

The successful Australian institution has successfully delivered in almost all of its financial results, something everyone in the facility is very happy about. The operational results witnessed in the facility can be attributed to the new chief executive officer, Vik Bansal.

Vik got the role of managing director and chief executive officer not long ago, and he has put in so much work to grow the facility and bring great results. Vik Bansal is very excited about the results, and he has said the amazing growth in all the company segment is prove that his facility is going into the right direction. The businessman is ready to continue growing the firm and at the same time improve the safety performance in his growing business.

The Australian company is proud of the new results, and when compared to the last year, it is now evident that the revenue has gone up by over forty one percent. The company is also happy about the TRIFR has also gone up by over twenty four percent in the last six months. The improvement, according to Vik Bansal InfraBuild, speaks volumes concerning the future of the facility. The new numbers, according to financial analysts in Australia, show that Vik Bansal InfraBuild has made a great impact at InfraBuild since he took the chief executive officer role.

Vik joined the facility in July last year, and he was ready to handle the challenges his way. Before getting this top role, Bansal had left Cleanaway, one of the leading waste management companies in Australia. While at his previous company, Vik had done an incredible job, bringing growth in a facility that was getting losses every year. Vik served in Cleanaway for a period of six years. Go to this page on Crunchbase, for additional information.


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